bloom true - canvas # 1 - work in progress
the stages of painting my Bloom True canvas # 1 – still a work in progress!

In November 2015 I signed up for Flora Bowley’s “Bloom True” intuitive painting e-course. It’s been an amazing journey.

In the beginning, I found ways to avoid painting to such an extent that I wasn’t sure whether I would finish the course by the end of my subscription – however, I’ve been catching up over the past couple of months. Since I’ve been unable to get out and about while recovering from a brain tumour, it’s been helpful to have something to focus on instead of getting frustrated with being temporarily housebound.

Now, I’m not saying that my painting has reached the standard of Flora Bowley – I’ve not even completed a painting yet! But I have learned a lot about letting go, not worrying about how things will turn out, and about simplifying (although I haven’t quite mastered that yet!) – all lessons which can be applied to Life in general.

That’s the thing about this course. It’s not just about painting. It’s about Life. And it came at just the right time for me.

I’ve been a fan of Flora’s work for several years, and I had been tempted to sign up for the e-course before – but it used to run over 5 weeks, which I found daunting.

By the autumn of 2015 Flora had redesigned her website and revamped the e-course – changing the format to give participants access to the materials for a whole year, which made it feel a lot more do-able. As soon as I found out about the change, I signed up!

Now, on the first anniversary of the new website, Flora is offering lifetime access to the Bloom True E-course. But that’s not the only programme that’s on offer…

Bloom True Bootcamp

I can’t quite remember when I signed up for the Bloom True Bootcamp – it might have been in 2014. I don’t quite understand why it’s called a “bootcamp” though – it certainly isn’t rough and tough, like some of the business bootcamps I’ve been on!

Instead, this 30-day course is a gentle introduction to Flora Bowley’s teaching, offering creative prompts, teaching, audio prompts, music, links, creative resources and access to a creative community on Facebook.

If you’re looking for a painting course, though, the Bloom True E-course would be a better choice.

Find out more about the Bloom True Bootcamp.

Bloom True E-course

I was delighted when Flora announced this week that all subscribers to the Bloom True E-course since September 2015 will have lifetime access to the materials. Even if I finish the course before the end of November, it’s a wonderful opportunity to revisit the videos and other materials whenever I feel I need a boost to my creativity.

The e-course is bursting with inspiration, creative prompts and painting guidelines, wonderful videos showing Flora’s painting process, video interviews with other artists, a yoga video and guided meditation to get you in the mood to paint, the opportunity to post questions for the monthly Q&A podcasts, access to a creative community on Facebook…

Everything is intended to help you discover your own painting style and develop as an artist.

Find out more about the Bloom True E-course (affiliate link).

Studio Diaries

I’ve only signed up for one of the Studio Diaries so far, because I felt I had enough to keep me going with the Bloom True E-course materials – but I’m planning to start subscribing next year.

Picking up where the Bloom True E-course left off, Studio Diaries is a monthly series of videos and audios focusing on a particular theme. Each Studio Diary includes creative exercises, live painting videos, a monthly Q&A podcast, “couch chats” with other artists, links and resources, and a monthly playlist.

You can see the list of available topics, watch a Free Sample Studio Diary and find out more about the monthly subscription, by visiting the Studio Diaries page on Flora Bowley’s website.

Find out more about Studio Diaries.

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