I first wrote about Letting Go just over a year ago – and it’s been an ongoing process. About a month ago I spent a whole week decluttering my office – and there’s still lots more to clear out. However, my new desk is now in place, so I shall be able to start painting more and larger canvases very soon!

Today I ran my first ever intuitive art workshop, for the Macmillan cancer support art group that I attend at the hospital. The theme I chose was “letting go” – I took the group through a process which included a guided visualisation to help them let go of whatever might be holding them back in life.

It was the first time the group had used acrylic paints, and their first encounter with intuitive painting. It went really well – everyone enjoyed the process and created some wonderful art.

I loved doing it – and I’ve been invited to do another one next month!

2 thoughts on “The Intuitive Art of Letting Go

  1. Love it, some really deep stuff must be/is going on…I am sure. When in need…throw some art at it!

  2. Julia Barnickle

    Haha – that’s a good way of looking at it Irena! 😉 I’ve discovered that it’s a very powerful process. Because intuitive art is an unconscious act, it enables people to connect with deeper thoughts and feelings much more easily.

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