This month, my friend Xanthe Berkeley invited everyone who signed up for her Make Films course this year to join her in a month of making daily films.

I’m always a bit nervous about committing myself to a daily activity – and I missed the first day – but I’m going to see whether I can keep it up for the rest of the month. So this is the first week…

Watch everyone’s films on Instagram.

2nd November: Autumn Leaf Mandala
The thing I find hardest about doing stop motion films is the way the light changes in between shots. I was originally going to film this in the garden, in the shade, but it was a bit breezy, so my leaves kept flying away!

3rd November: Autumn Walk in my neighbourhood
I keep forgetting to take my iPhone when I go for a walk, so this was shot on my 5 year old Samsung Omnia – on VGA setting! I think the filter I’ve used makes it look quite retro…

4th November: Art workshop at Kingston Hospital
(read more here)

5th November: St Paul’s Cathedral and One New Change, London
Throw back to a visit to One New Change on a sunny day in January this year. I do love a bit of time-lapse, especially when I’m portraying a bustling scene!

6th November: Bubbles on Bankside, London
I keep missing the fireworks, so here’s a very short clip of some bubble blowing instead, from March this year.

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