This is the second week of making daily films with my friend Xanthe Berkeley and fellow film makers who signed up for her Make Films course this year.

Watch everyone’s films on Instagram.

7th November: Slow Motion Autumn Leaves
This was fun to do! I had to be careful not to fall over, though, as I was concentrating on filming rather than on walking…

8th November: Stop-Motion Art Pens
Tuesday was a really dull day, so playing with these colourful pens was just what I needed!

9th November: London Glassblowing, Bermondsey
I spent about an hour watching this guy create a piece of art in glass at London Glassblowing in Bermondsey. It was on a chilly April day, so the heat from those furnaces was very welcome! Well worth a visit. Next time I’ll take a zoom lens…

10th November: Leaf Mandala
I ran out of time to film or edit anything, so I posted another stop-motion film that I made last week, making a mandala from the lovely autumn leaves I gathered.

11th November: Slowmo Teatime
This is my first attempt at a slow motion film of me drinking tea. Xanthe has a whole series of Slowmo Teatime films on Instagram – anyone can join in!

12th November: Hampton Court Palace, London
For this video, I used footage that I filmed in October 2015. I had previously made a 15 second film from some of the footage, but I had lots left over, and it seemed a shame to waste it!

13th November: Sewing Box Stop-Motion
More fun with another stop-motion film – this time with music. I want to get better at doing stop-motion films, and the only way to get better is to practise. They take such a long time to film, though – this took me an hour! As usual, I had no idea where I was going with this film – the story just evolved.

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