This is the third week of making daily films with my friend Xanthe Berkeley and fellow film makers who signed up for her Make Films course this year.

Watch everyone’s films on Instagram.

I’ve been feeling tired over the past few days, so I missed making a film the first day this week. But I’ve managed to edit four videos from my archives, and film two new ones, so that’s pretty good going!

15th November: Grand Central Station, Birmingham, England
Another film that I’ve edited from archive footage, taken in October 2015 when I was visiting my family in Birmingham. The railway station always used to be known as Birmingham New Street – I’m not sure why it was changed to “Grand Central”… It is rather grand, though – especially compared with the old station!

16th November: Trees in the Breeze
Today started off with blue skies and sunshine – then the wind picked up. Ideal weather for filming some colourful autumn trees in the breeze – plus one of two banana trees in the same street. I wonder whether they’re related?!

17th November: Timelapse Clouds
Fast-moving clouds today (even at normal speed!) – made more so with time lapse.

18th November: Beverley Glick interview
This is a one-minute edit of an interview I did last year with my friend Beverley Glick – The Story Archaeologist, public speaking coach and co-host of The Story Party in London, about her time as a music journalist, and how it influenced the work she does now.

19th November: Regents Canal, Haggerston, London
Today, for the first time in over five months (since being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in the brain), I took the bus to my local High Street on my own and visited a couple of shops. It’s so nice to be in the wider world again! It’s a huge milestone. This video is edited from footage taken in May 2015, during one of the first London Brunch Club photowalks I joined.

20th November: Timelapse Thames
A bit of fun with time lapse by the Millennium Bridge on the River Thames in London, in March this year – with the Shard in the background. Most of today was taken up with hubby and me trying to repair a dining chair, starting with the webbing – but we made a rookie mistake and have to start again tomorrow!

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