What would it be like if Life were easy, instead of being a struggle?

We seem to have bought in to the idea that we have been put on this Earth to suffer. But what if it were not so?

What if we had signed up to experience this thing we call Life in a human form, but had lost our copy of the contract somewhere along the way? So we had forgotten that “experience” was clearly defined as “experiencing Joy, Beauty, Fulfilment” rather than “experiencing pain, suffering and boredom”.

I often hear people say (and I’ve said it myself) that, in order to appreciate the good things in Life, we have to have experienced the bad. That the sun shines brighter after a rain shower.

But is this true?

Is this how a tree feels? Or a bird? Or are they impervious to this kind of reasoning?

I wonder whether this attitude has more to do with our upbringing. We’re made to feel guilty for enjoying Life, unless we’ve paid the price.

But what if Life were meant to be easy, instead of being a struggle?

How would you live your life differently now?

(first published on 14th August 2013 on The Calm Space, a website belonging to my friend Káren Wallace)

2 thoughts on “What If Life Were Meant to be Easy?

  1. There are times when calmly facing and coping with the difficulties in a life can bring that person greater confidence in self and in others, and a keener appreciation of the joys taken for granted in an easier time. It can impel searching for and embracing every small treasure of joy, beauty, and fulfillment there is in life., even in difficulties. x

  2. Julia Barnickle

    I agree with you Lynn – I’ve done plenty of that myself over the past few years. And I still wonder whether the difficulties are a necessary part of life, or whether we simply tell ourselves they are, because we can’t imagine life without difficulties?

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