This is the fourth week of making daily films with my friend Xanthe Berkeley and fellow film makers who signed up for her Make Films course this year.

I missed one day again, but I’m happy with my output so far this month!

Watch everyone’s films on Instagram.

21st November: Millenium Bridge to London Bridge
Another video edited from my archive of film footage (this time from March 2016). This is one of my “Bridge to Bridge” series, walking from Millennium Bridge (between St Paul’s Cathedral and Tate Modern) to London Bridge, past the Globe Theatre and the Golden Hinde II.

22nd November: Timelapse Painting “Shooting Stars”
I finally got round to doing some painting at my new desk today, now that we’ve finished repairing the webbing on my chair. And, as I’m making a film each day this month, I thought I would film myself painting!

There was a point where I started thinking maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, because the painting wasn’t turning out very well – but then something changed, and I’m pleased with the end result.

23rd November: Chelsea, London
In February 2015 my friend Elaine Hopkins took me for a walk around her childhood haunts in Chelsea, London – and it’s taken me all this time to put the photographs into a short video!

24th November: Timelapse Painting
Today, as an experiment, I used some of the same painting techniques as a couple of days ago, to see whether it could be the start of a series. And, of course, I filmed it again!

26th November: City of London
In September 2015 I was at a business seminar in London with a friend, when I realised I was in the wrong place. Outside, the sun was shining – so I bade farewell to my friend and went for a walk round the City of London, taking photographs and filming.

27th November: Motorbikes in Berlin
During my visit to Berlin, on 7th May 2016 there was a cavalcade of motorbikes riding round the Siegessäule (Victory Column) in the Tiergarten park. On the same day, there were three demonstrations in central Berlin – but I don’t think this ride-by (or the Trabant drive-by that followed) was anything to do with that.

I decided to play around with the footage, to create a mock-Boomerang effect – it works better on Instagram, though, because it plays endlessly!

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