I film and edit mini-documentaries of People, Places and Events for creative businesses. I also make painting films, fun films and short films for Instagram.

I offer one-to-one coaching and training courses to enable you to create your own to-camera videos and training videos.

If you have a video project that you would like some help with, or your business would benefit from a promotional video or short documentary film, contact me to find out more and arrange an initial conversation.

I look forward to talking to you soon!


Filming People

I help creative entrepreneurs tell their story through film, by creating “About Me” videos. I understand how difficult it can be to explain what you do in your business clearly and succinctly. As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words – and moving pictures even more so. By showing your audience what you do, rather than just telling them, your message comes across more clearly – and all YOU have to do is what you do! 🙂

Feature in your own documentary film!

I offer three styles of promotional videos and short documentary films, between one to five minutes in length:

  • To-camera interview, possibly interspersed with other film clips, photographs and background music
  • Collage of photographs, film clips and captions with voice-over and/or background music
  • Film clips and/or photographs of you in action, e.g. at a workshop or event, or creating art, with background music and/or voice-over

Some examples of my films can be found here: Filming People.

Filming Places

I help to promote locations and venues through film – whether officially or unofficially.

In 2013 I started creating short documentary films about the area of South-West London where I live. In 2015 I decided to focus more on central London, visiting my adopted home town as a tourist. In 2016 I’ve started venturing further afield.

Some examples of my films can be found here: Filming Places.

Filming Events

I help to promote events, workshops, retreats and photo walks through film.

Some examples of my films can be found here: Filming Events.